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Weekends minimum three nights from Friday


This badge is our promise to offer you a full refund if we have to cancel your stay because of Covid regulations, or if you are unable to visit Wilderness Reserve due to travel or quarantine restrictions.

COVID-19 new measures and safe code


Bedroom roof barn


Following advice and direction from the UK Government, the HSE and IOSH, Wilderness Reserve has put into place new procedures to protect our visitors, customers, employees, contractors and those close to them, as well as our communities and National Health Service.

These new measures are implemented on all of our sites (including vehicles), where the virus could be transferred between visitors, employees and others.


Anyone showing symptoms of the virus, regardless how mild they seem, must remain away from Wilderness Reserve and self-isolate as per the NHS guidelines. The symptoms are:

Temperature: You feel hot to the touch on your chest and back. There is no need to measure your temperature.

Coughing: You have a new continuous cough. This means you are coughing a lot more for an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours. A usual cough may be worse than normal.

Loss of taste and smell: You may lose or experience a change to your sense of smell and taste.


Anyone with the symptoms must leave Wilderness Reserve and stay away for at least 7 days or until a test has been carried out showing a negative result for the virus. If you live with someone who has symptoms you should self-isolate for 14 days, starting from the day their symptoms started.
If you develop symptoms during this period you should then self-isolate for 14 days, even if this increases the overall isolation period beyond 14 days, or until a test is carried out showing a negative result for the virus.


The cleaning of the facilities will be carried out at a frequency that is suitable for the potential risk from cross contamination between people. The higher the footfall and use the more frequent the cleaning will be. Wipes or spray with a good supply of paper towels will be provided in easy to see locations by the entrance and exit of facilities, and in each of the Wilderness Reserve vehicles. Our employees have been requested to wash their hands frequently, upon arrival at work, before and after using a vehicle, before and after breaks and before leaving work as a minimum. We are advising our visitors to do the same and wash their hands frequently while staying on the estate. Hands should be washed using soap and water, thoroughly
and for at least 20 seconds. Our cleaners have been fully briefed on the procedure of “deep cleaning” and watch out for their own safety. This includes the disposal of PPE and the need to wash their hands before and after cleaning and after removing PPE.


Bedroom roof barn



All of our guests have been provided with information in advance to allow a self-check-in process as much as possible. Our check-in procedure and directions to accommodation have been shared with our guests in advance to allow an easy and fast contactless check-in. When collecting keys, maintain 2 metres distance and avoid shaking hands. Our employees have been requested to wipe down surfaces likely to be touched upon check-in before and after each guest arrival with a suitable cleaning agent or wipe and wash their hands frequently. We advise our guests to do the same.


Our housekeeping team has been briefed on deep cleaning procedures. All surfaces will be cleaned frequently to a high standard using effective cleaning products.
Gloves will be used and disposed of after use or cleaned thoroughly in the same way as hands. Our employees will maintain 2 metres distance when carrying out housekeeping duties. Labour intensive work, eg turning a rental around, will be co-ordinated so distances can be maintained. Housekeeping duties will be conducted when the guests are not present in the property (when possible) or have vacated the accommodation.
Where the above is unavoidable, our housekeeping team will maintain 2 metres distance and use masks as a minimum.


Under these circumstances, catering will be provided by preparation and drop off, as opposed to preparation at the accommodation. A 2-metre distance will be maintained between the caterers and guests when dropping off and collecting catering.


Minor injuries should be dealt with by the injured person where possible for them to do so. First aid administered by others will only be carried out wearing suitable PPE, gloves and eye protection such as a face shield, due to the close and sustained contact required.



Please get in touch with the Wilderness Reserve team if you have any questions or concerns.